Badsey Flower Show

Saturday 27th July 2024


1. All Classes and Divisions are open to all with the exception of Division F, which is open only to those living within the Parish of Badsey and Aldington.

2. All exhibits must be the property of the Exhibitor and must have been produced by him/her on his/her own ground or have been in his/her possession for at least three months, except where otherwise required. Any breach of this Rule, proved to the satisfaction of the Committee, will disqualify the Exhibitor from competing at any further Show and any prizes awarded will be withheld. The Committee, having reason to believe that this Rule has been disregarded in the past, reserve to themselves the right to inspect the gardens of Exhibitors either before or after the Show. The Committee also reserve the right to refuse any entries. In case of dispute, any prize awarded will be withheld until the Committee has settled the matter.

3. The Committee will sit to receive entry slips and appropriate fees at Badsey Community & Sports Club from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday 23rd July 2024. No entry will be accepted after this date. Entry slips, with the appropriate fee, may also be left in the Entries Box in the Badsey Spar Shop, on or before 5pm on Sunday 21st July 2024. Entries may also be submitted online at before 5pm on Friday 19th July 2024. The fee will then be collected on the morning of the Show.

4. No Exhibitor shall take more than one prize in any one Class. If more than one exhibit is shown in any one Class, further entrance fees must be paid.

5. Prizes may be withheld at the discretion of the Judges.

6. Exhibitors should bring their exhibits on the morning of the Show and provide plates, stands or holders for their flowers, fruit or vegetables. Exhibits will be received between 08:00 and 10:30 only. All vegetables must be exhibited in a clean state. Before leaving, Exhibitors should see that their exhibits are properly labelled and numbered.

Exhibitors must leave the marquee by 10:45. A warning bell will ring at 10:30.

7. The marquee will open at 2pm and close at 5pm. No Exhibits shall be removed between these times.

8. A free admission ticket to this year’s Show will be given to all Exhibitors who pay £5 or more in entry fees.

9. The award of the Judges will be final. The Committee cannot alter the Judges’ decision, except for a breach of Rule 2.

10. Whilst every care will be taken to protect the property of the Exhibitors, the Committee cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage.