Badsey Flower Show

Saturday 27th July 2024

The History of Badsey Flower Show

In The The Beginning…

The first show was held in 1888, and up to 1936 was held on a Wednesday, often at the start of August

Records of the early Flower Shows are still in the possession of the Flower Show Committee, the earliest being that of the 1900 show – known at the time as the Badsey, Aldington & Wickhamford Flower Show. Comments included:

“1900: The Show was freely patronised by the younger folks, as well as by their elders. After the presentation of the prizes by the Rev. C. G. Gepp, whose felicitous little speech gave much gratification to his audience, dancing commenced to the enlivening strains of the Evesham Volunteer Band. Later in the evening some capital fireworks gave general satisfaction, although the high wind was too much for the proposed display of Chinese lanterns”


Between the Wars…

In the 1920’s, the Flower Show moved to the Recreation Ground. A typical Show would run from 2pm to 9pm, and raise around £130 from entrance and entry fees – with over half of this given out as prizes for the Horticultural sections of the Show

“1920: Funded by subscriptions by members of the Badsey, Aldington & Wickhamford Society. Amusements include “Bowling For A Pig”

Prizes at the time included plates by Royal Worcester, with the examples below being from 1925 and signed by leading Royal Worcester artist William Bagnall.”


The 1970’s to the Present Day…

The show is now held on the nearest Saturday to St James Day, and has now been held every year except for the extreme wet weather of 2006 & 2007. Last year’s Flower Show saw 200 exhibitors across 146 classes contributing to a very sucessful show. A variety of entertaiment is provided throughout the afternoon with many traditional and local stalls as well.